Work From Home Job: Business Review – ZNZ Ad Team. Scam or Not? [Stay At Home Mommy Post]

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Have you ever wanted a work from home job and to be paid? Well this post is about reviewing work from home ZNZ Ad Team. Is ZNZ a scam? Are they real? Can you really get paid? Let’s find out.ZNZ one pink

Being a stay at home mom can be very rewarding at times. However, the true reality of my glamorous job is this is a strain on my budget. I am not used to budgeting. I am use to buying what ever I want when ever I want. Period. When you work outside the home I knew I had a paycheck coming in every two weeks or once a month. I knew money would be in the bank. Now as a stay at home mother my husband makes it clear that we need to budget.

On to the topic of the post. What is ZNZ? Are they real? Well, ZNZ is called by a few names: ZNZ aka Zip Nada Zilch aka ZNA Ad Team. When I first heard of them I automatic thought it was a scam. I thought it was too easy to do. I did not like how the ads look. They looked like I will take you for a ride. Yet, I had a couple of people I knew who were making real money from ZNZ.

ZNZ is a refer marketing company that gain customers for their big money clients by offering free items or services to potential customers. If you become a ZNZ affiliate, the only thing you need to do is get referral from people to sign up for a service.

The big name clients who use ZNZ are businesses we already know such as Netflix,, Vista Print, Gamefly and etc.

People make money referring customers to ZNZ’s big wig clients. The customers check out the offers. Many of the items for a trail period. You usually do not have to pay anything. I did this with Netflix and Hulu Plus. When the trial period was over I just cancel the membership. Nothing more and nothing less. It was simple. Now if you like the service that is being provider then all means keep the service. Simple right?

Before you can refer customers to your personal affiliate site you must sign up for a cheap (free) service. This will earn you a credit and then you can sign other people up. The first credit you have to do does Not earn you any money. If a person signs up under you, you earn $20.00 per person from ZNZ. You can also earn between $40 to $80 in the ZNZ2 and/ or ZNZ Big Cash.

ZNZ is not a Multi-Level (pyramid) company like Mary Kay Cosmetics. You do not earn nothing from people who sign up under you.

The most headache about this refer marketing is people think they will forget to cancel before the trial offer ends. I forgot to end a trial period from one of the services I signed up with and I had to pay. I was not happy but my lesson was learned. Just mark the date on your calendar and put it in your phone who it will beep. You will cancel when the cellphone calendar notify you. Simple.

I like ZNZ because there is No money to invest. No inventory to keep. You can post in sites like Facebook, Twitter, Craiglist, Yahoo Ads, and the list goes on and on. This is all free people.

You do not have to spend 8 hours a day on this. You can spend a 2 or 3 hours on this. You can do this well your child is playing around the house.

How much can you really make? Well $50 to $100 a day can be achieve with no problem. You can make between $100 to $300 a day. When I signed up, I wanted to be paid by PayPal. It takes about 24 hours for money to show up in your account.

As I find work from home jobs that are real, I will share them with you. I also blog to make some extra money on the side too. I will share that at a later date.

How To Get Start

If you want to find out more about ZNZ, take advantage of their free offers or you want to become a marketing affiliate partner then click here.

Visit Tonya’s ZNZ website to begin earning money as a ZNZ Marketing affiliate today.

What do you think? Want a job you can work from home? Do tell…

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