Life Hack: [How to] receive free live broadcast digital TV with out having cable TV

Hi Friend.

Did you cut your cable and now wished you had a way to see live news? I found a way to have some digital channels on my flat screen tv without buying cable.Coax Cable cord

So today I woke up to my son’s school district calling me to tell me school was canceled. It was 6:00 A.M. I was grateful that I received the call from the school. Yet, I was mad I had to wake up an hour early because it is hard for me to go back to school. Once I am up then I am up.

So I went to the school district’s home page and it said school was canceled on the mobile view page. It did not whisper that school was canceled on the regular full view page. So I went to my local new station webpage to see if I could stream live news, I found a video and the military getting ready for the storm. Yes, the new station webpage had a listing of closed schools but I wanted live information…Now!

So I tried again to see live tv in my area and I could not find nothing. So I checked online on how I can bootleg AKA hack my tv to so I can see some real channels.

There are many people who can view major network channels from ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and other channels like CW and PBS. You can watch these channels for free in Hi-Def.

To find out what channels you can view, you can check on the Big Station Finder link. All you need to do is enter your zip code.  The channels that are shown on the pages are the same ones you will be able to see from your tv. Now all you need is an antenna.

Now if you are cheap like me, you will find a way for a coat wire hanger to work. I found one and I got it to work beautifully. If you don’t want to go the cheap way, you can buy an antenna. Mohu Leaf antenna has a good price one that you need to look at. This model has over 4,000 reviews that has alot of positive reviews.

Time To Test Your Flat-Screen TV

If you have a flat screen tv (the type that can hang from the walls) then you only need an antenna to see your channels. Don’t have an antenna yet? Lets try the life hack version of testing your tv for channels with your bootleg antenna.

The Life Hack TV Test

1. Flat Screen TV – Most flat screens tv that were made in 2006 are able to receive digital tv signals.

2. Coax Cable Cord – The cord can be white or black. This is the same cable cord you use to watch Cable television from the Try not to use a super long cord. A short coax cable cord is best.

3. A BootLeg Antenna – Any piece of wired or cable that does not have a shield on it will work. The following will work as antennas:

-lamp power cord

-power extension cord

-wire coat hanger (scrape the paint and wax off the part of hanger you are using)

Please do not plug these items into the wall outlet, you will Shock your self!!!!

Now, let’s make Digital Channels

1. Take the Coax Cable cord and screw one end to the tv. Then let the other end hang for now.

2. Turn on the TV and go to antenna mode. As you are holding your Coax Cable Cord and your Bootleg Antenna (they must touch each other -metal to metal),  Scan for Channels. It will not take 30 minutes. It might take 3 minutes. Don’t touch the two metals together with your hands.

3. The results – You have Digital channels for your TV. You can receive channels from the major broadcasting stations with no problems.

FYI- If you did not get any channels during the Bootleg Antenna Test, you may need to buy an antenna.

Also, if you have an older tv, you will need a converter box. Sorry…. 🙂

Personally, when I did this tv test, I received 7 digital tv channels. Yes, I used a wired hanger as my antenna and it is still working. In my singing voice, I was Happy! Will I buy a real antenna in the future?  I will just not now.  I can watch movies, videos and everything else on the Roku or the internet.

What do you think? Tell me your thoughts….

Love, Peace and Motivation,




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