How to Cope When Your Life is Falling a Part.

Hi Friend,
Here is a great post when you feel like your life is a mess. Here are some great tips that will help you keep your head up when you feel like giving up.

Here is what a person in one of forum said to another individual, because they were so depressed. I hope this helps you when your not feeling like yourself.

“What works for me, when I’m in pain and need healing:

prayer (to whatever makes sense to you)
subliminal and ambient music
feeding the birds in my backyard, and watching them
choosing very small, doable tasks, so I feel I’ve accomplished something
trusting the universe
12 step
Being honest with my feelings
Enforcing healthy boundaries
Asking for help, in small bite size chunks

Some days I do well with these. I have to work at being happy/healthy. Also:

It’s the “Mental Illness Happy Hour” podcast, by Paul Gilmartin. “It’s not a doctor’s office, it’s more like a waiting room that doesn’t suck.” If you feel f*cked up inside? Or struggle with past abuse/trauma? This is an excellent soother. I do volunteer transcription for this show.

They talk about trauma, abuse, death, mental health issues, and how they got healthy. The podcaster’s a comedian, so it’s pretty funny, tragic, and encouraging. They talk about EVERYTHING, all the shameful crap, all the strange things we all think. Might check it out. I’ve felt a lot of healing just listening to this show. ”

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear.

Hope this helps….

Love, Peace, and Motivation,



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