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Welcome Back Said the Lord!

Hello Friend,

I had to take some time out from my blog to because I had tons of things happening within my life that God wanted to happened. white flower Read the rest of this entry


Motivational Quote of the Day – Extraordinarily

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Need an uplift today? flower2 Read the rest of this entry

Motivational Message – See the Positive

Hi Friend,
See the positive Read the rest of this entry

Quote of the Day – Look For An Answer

Hello Friend,
Here is a wonderful quote of the day for housewives, working women and real men.

“We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.”
— Lloyd Alexander

I hope you enjoyed the quote of the day. Take the time to really look for the answers in your life. Do not take the fastest answer that jump up at you.

How do you feel about the quote? Tell me…

Peace, Love and Answers,Tonya

Natural Hair Criticism? God’s Purpose For Me.

naturalwomenlookingcrazyNatural Hair Criticism. Why do we judge? I received a comment from the post, “Kinky, Happy and Natural: Oprah’s Kinky Side”. I said I wished I had her fake natural hair. Read the rest of this entry

Thankful Tuesday – Grateful is a Positive

Today is Thankful Tuesday.  Being thankful  takes some practices. It is takes practice to look at the positive of your situations. We live in a negative world.being thankful Read the rest of this entry

Monday Motivation Quote of the Day

Hello Friends.

Need Motivation? albert einsteinWaking up on a Monday morning is not always easy for some people. Read the rest of this entry