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Hello World…

Hello Friend,
I have been gone for along time due to life…lol. Read the rest of this entry


Welcome Back Said the Lord!

Hello Friend,

I had to take some time out from my blog to because I had tons of things happening within my life that God wanted to happened. white flower Read the rest of this entry

‘Tis The Season

OMG….I had to reblogged this post from Shawnalexus. I have been looking for red items to spice up my look. I love how red makes you stand out in a crowd.

Wish me luck on finding my red high heels girls!

Love, Peace and Fashion,



ImageSpeaking of cranberries

This is an ensemble I threw together

And usually,

sweaters aren’t my thing

I love ’em on others.

But I think this sweater

goes remarkable with the biker jacket,

suede heels,

wool trousers,

and Armani tote.

This ensemble is rather pricey ($15-$1045)

Follow me on polyvore for alternatives that may cost less:

  • Jacket: (Alexander McQueen)
  • Sweater: (FarFetch)
  • Pants: (Net-A-Porter)
  • Heels: (Spylovebug)
  • Scarf: (JohnLewis)
  • Tote: Armani (ArmaniExchange)
  • Watch: Armani (HouseofFraser)
  • Earrings: (Amazon)
  • Necklace: (WindsorStore)


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Motivational Monday: Quote of the Day – Booker T. Washington

Hi Friend.

English: WASHINGTON, BOOKER T. Digitally retou...

English: WASHINGTON, BOOKER T. Digitally retouched. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is Motivational Monday, and I hope you have a great wonderful day.

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Hair Tip of the Day :Drying Tip

curlyhairHi Friend,
Here is a hair tip of the day post that will help curly hair ladies retain their hair. Read the rest of this entry

Hello World…Naturally Radiant Housewife is Living Natural

Hello and welcome to Naturally Radiant Housewife’s blog. My name is Tonya, and I am excited to share my experiences with you.

white flower

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