Work From Home Job: Business Review – ZNZ Ad Team. Scam or Not? [Stay At Home Mommy Post]

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Have you ever wanted a work from home job and to be paid? Well this post is about reviewing work from home ZNZ Ad Team. Is ZNZ a scam? Are they real? Can you really get paid? Let’s find out. Read the rest of this entry


Natural Hair: [Quick Tip] Growing Natural (African American) Hair Long and Funny Growing Hair Video

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Want to grow long natural hair. Here is a quick tip to growing your hair long. Read the rest of this entry

Marriage Living: [How to]Have A Successful Happy Marriage -Marriage Rules That Should Be Broken


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Are you clueless when it comes to making a marriage work? Do you want to know a a few secrets to a good marriage? Continue reading for the juicy information about marriages.concreteRose Read the rest of this entry

Relationship Issues: Long Distance Relationship – [How to] make them work for you

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Do you love your partner but hate the fact your partner does not live near you? Well, this is a wonderful article that will help you adjust to the life of living with a long distance relationship Read the rest of this entry

Natural Hair – [How to] Make Homemade KimmayTube Conditioner Recipe

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Do you desire a great leave in conditioner that will keep your natural hair soft and moisturize? Well keep reading to get the whole recipe.

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Description unavailable (Photo credit: Urban Hippie Love)

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Natural Hair – Best Natural Hair Routine for the Winter Season

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Do you have an winter season natural hair care routine yet? Want to keep your in good shape during the winter? Read the rest of this entry

To BFit….For The New Year

BFitChick247 wrote this simple but amazing blog post about starting your workout before the big New Year.

I will keep her tips in mind when it comes to working out. I must be realistic. I can not act like i’m an amazon women who can run 200 miles the first day. I must be real to myself or I will fail before I get started.

What do you think? Need to exercise? Do tell…

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BFitChick Fitness 24/7

To BFit....

One of the most difficult tasks when it comes to getting fit is the development of routine, and to be obedient to that routine. There are several ways to develop a successful routine, here is my list of ways that were beneficial to me as I became a healthy young individual and maintained dedication…..

1. Self Discipline- be realistic in setting your goal and start your goal with cutting a food that you love but is not beneficial to your health out first. One of my favorite foods that resides in this category is French fries, eat them once a week instead of 2 or 3

2. Restricting a day from meat or sweets- doing this causes the body to detox from animal fat and to hopefully enhance the quality of the digestive tract, considering one truly does consume vegetables and water on this detox day

3. Exercise Routine- My number…

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Marriage Life – How to have a relationship after the baby is born

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Is the new baby in your marriage putting a damper on your relationship? Read the rest of this entry

Living Single- 5 Signs He’s Not That Into You

English: Hearts and flowers On the stone parap...

English: Hearts and flowers On the stone parapet of the bridge at Gunthwaite can be found carvings of unrequited love. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Are you single, and your chasing after men? Do men you love to date Don’t call you back? This post is about the see the signs why he is not into you. Read the rest of this entry

‘Tis The Season

OMG….I had to reblogged this post from Shawnalexus. I have been looking for red items to spice up my look. I love how red makes you stand out in a crowd.

Wish me luck on finding my red high heels girls!

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ImageSpeaking of cranberries

This is an ensemble I threw together

And usually,

sweaters aren’t my thing

I love ’em on others.

But I think this sweater

goes remarkable with the biker jacket,

suede heels,

wool trousers,

and Armani tote.

This ensemble is rather pricey ($15-$1045)

Follow me on polyvore for alternatives that may cost less:

  • Jacket: (Alexander McQueen)
  • Sweater: (FarFetch)
  • Pants: (Net-A-Porter)
  • Heels: (Spylovebug)
  • Scarf: (JohnLewis)
  • Tote: Armani (ArmaniExchange)
  • Watch: Armani (HouseofFraser)
  • Earrings: (Amazon)
  • Necklace: (WindsorStore)


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